Bluegrass Aesthetics 

Bluegrass Aesthetics is CoolScuplting certified and we have not only received certification and training at our facility, we made a trip to Virginia for CoolSculpting University to fine tune our skills and learn as much as we possible. We are trained and certified by the CoolSculpting experts themselves- enough to make us experts! 


If you are ready to see a new, happy you... contact us today @ 270.996.7520!

Cindy K., RN
CoolSculpting Specialist 
Certified Body Sculptor 

Casey P.
Certified Body Sculpturist 

Our 2016 CoolSculpting University graduating class! 

Bluegrass Aesthetics originated right here in the "hart" of Bowling Green, Kentucky. We are located in the Hartland business area at 996 Wilkinson Trace, Suite A5.  Although we have been offering services, such as Botox, for over a decade, Bluegrass Aesthetics, LLC came about after making the decision that the greater Bowling Green area was missing out by not having CoolSculpting.  We had heard about the great results and couldn't wait to bring fat-freezing to our own hometown! So in 2015 we began the process of obtaining our own machine and signed with CoolSculpting in 2016.  From there, it has been nothing short of amazing to see the changes we can make in not only a client's trouble areas, but also in their confidence and quality of life.